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My five best Foundations


Hello Friends, Today i will be sharing with you about my five best foundations. From the least expensive foundation to high end. Now, before i start, i want to let you know that before buying any of this foundation, please read the ingredients first in case you have a particular allergy to specific ingredients. Without farther ado, let’s start with the physician formula.

What i like about this foundation is that the formula is impressive for only $11.97. This foundation is breathable, buildable, and it provides a flawless finish, you can get it to any drug stores or supermarkets like Walmart. Also, it’s compatible with all skin types, and it has an SPF 20. Btw, It has a chocolate or cocoa smell which i like; it reminds me of too faced chocolate bar palette haha ( Yum). Guys, every time i wear this foundation, i always get compliments on how my skin looks so smooth. However, i have to warn you though; it oxidizes that’s why i had to get one lighter shade or two down to compensate for the oxidation.

Now, the colourpop no filter natural matte foundation. If you are looking for a vegan and cruelty-free foundation, then this is the right one for you plus it’s only $12. Also, every time i put this foundation, it feels like i don’t wear any makeup at all because it’s super light and it blends smoothly. I also like the packaging, and the lockable pump it makes life so much easier ( third world problem haha).

Clinique a 24hour wear, it has a natural matte finish with medium coverage. I like this foundation so much that I bought another one. Sometimes when I can’t find my concealer, and I’m in a hurry, this foundation always saved me. It seriously covers my red spots and blemishes.

Dior Forever is my ultimate favorite; It was two years ago when i discovered this foundation. I bought it before our trip to the Philippines. Guys, it saved my life! My makeup lasts all day even in hot and humid weather. This foundation gives me a skin-like finish, and it’s neither too matte nor too dewy its super lightweight plus it has an SPF 35. This foundation is available in 16 shades in every skin tone. PS I have recommended this to some of my friends, and they love it too!

La mer I’m obsessed, and it’s the most expensive foundation in my collection. The formula is silky feels, long-wearing, weightless, hydrates and nourishes my skin and it leaves my pores refined. Indeed the best foundation I ever tried so far! Is it really worth splurging money on? My answer is yes! It is pricey, but it’s worth it! I always get compliments each every time I wear this foundation, and for color preference, I’m using shade Buff. You guys, the color stays true, even in humidity because of color capsule technology they use. Hang on for my next post where I share my latest favorite skincare and regimen.

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