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I Trust My Hair With Giovanni

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Giovanni but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Ever since I have become a mom I have always been looking for cruelty-free, natural products to use on my children. This summer, I have decided to incorporate these products into my own beauty regimen. Natural products that also don’t break the bank are few and far to come by, and that is why I was so delighted when I found out about Giovanni Hair Care.

Why Giovanni Hair Care?

Even though natural products are on the rise, I wanted to find a company I could trust and has been around for years. With this, I was given peace of mind when I learned that the Giovanni Hair Care products have been around since 1979. That is 40 years of this company being able to bridge the gap between natural and salon quality products, without sacrificing performance.

Not only did I love that this company has had a long and prosperous history, I loved the minty and refreshing feeling these products have given me as well. Their sulfate-free formulas are gentle on my hair and do not strip color.

Having naturally straight hair and a dry scalp in the summer, I was determined to find a shampoo and conditioner that not only kept my hair well nourished by the ingredients in it but also allowed my hair to feel sleek and moisturized. These products allow me to feel like I just had my hair washed at a high-end salon, and make me feel confident knowing that I am treating myself to vegan-friendly and eco-chic formulas.

The packaging is also recyclable

Not only are the formulas in these products vegan and leaping bunny certified, but the packaging they come in is sleek and uniform, looking like they just stepped out of a salon. They create a standard for the beauty world showing that high-quality products do not have to be tested on animals or have toxic chemicals in them, they can be pure and natural with still giving exceptional product experience.

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